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I am a newly graduated Web Developer with a background in .NET and a 2-year Vocational degree from Jönköping University. I am eager to take on new challenges in the workforce. Throughout my studies and internships, I have gained competencies and knowledge in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, .NET, React, and Git.

I am excited to apply my skills in a professional environment and contribute to the success of an organization. I learn quickly and always strive to exceed expectations and achieve goals. I look forward to the opportunity to utilize my skills and continue as a Web Developer.


Web Developer.NET

Jönköping University 2021-2023

Programming 1

  • C#
  • Hermods 2021

    Media and Communication ( Total 30p )

  • Computer Science
  • Media technology
  • Linguistic communication
  • Digital technique in digital media
  • University College of Kristianstad 2000-2001


    • Html
    • Css
    • JavaScript
    • BootStrap
    • Git
    • Some skills in React, Vue, C#, Frends


    Internship at SPARES

    From nov 2022 to Jun 2023

    I'm doing my internship at SPARES, where I've created a project for the finance department's invoice management using the IPAAS system Frends. With this system, time was saved by filtering out the invoices that needed manual handling and automatically recording the others. Right now, I'm working on their frontend using Vue.

    Willys, Lund

    From 2002 - | Pre-store seller

    2020 - I became a sales assistant in the pre-store at Willys. I provide the customers with high-quality service, I serve them with postal service, betting and tobacco with a happy smile. I also handle errands where the customers have troubles with package returns and similar stuff. I am in charge of the postal service at Willys in Lund and I observe that every employee has a certificate to handle postal customers.
    2009 - I was given the responsibility of the pre-store, which included timetabling, ordering and human resource manager to six co-workers. During two years I acted as locum tenens in a position as Team leader for the paydesk, which involved the responsibility of the whole cashier line with around 30 co-coworkers. I have been in the executive group at Willys AB Lund with 90 employees. During some periods, I have worked at the office, responsible for the cash accounting, invoices and the running personnel administration.
    2002 - I started to work as a store assistant.



    Certified seller for Atg:s terms and policy

    Svenska Spel

    Certified seller for Svenskaspel:s terms and policy


    Certified to manage their products and work by their terms and policy


    IT Manager

    Kim Hockum

    Cashier supervisor

    Madelene Hartman


    • Swedish
    • English


    Practice programming